Simply Living Simple

Welcome to Whippersnapper ! We created this blog in the hopes of providing tips on simplifying your life, without compromising the fabulous. Leonardo DaVinci stated that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and he was a genius so he must have been on to something, right? Right.

Creating a simply fabulous simple life is much easier than you think, and ultimately brimming with rewards. For example, by starting a small garden you can monitor your own food source and create fantastically fresh meals for next to nothing, even if its just a small window sill herb garden.

Lately buzzwords like "Sustainable Fashion" and "Thriftonista" have been working their way into glossy fashion mags and there is a good reason for that.  With the pace of life being as it is ,we tend to go through our wardrobes as if they are disposable leaving a dent in our wallets as well as creating extra waste. Here we will providing tips for hunting down amazing thrifted goods to get a million dollar look for under ten bucks , as well as tricks to style and care for your wardrobe to give it a long life without looking like last seasons leftovers.

We look forward to creating a community and place for your to learn and share tips from harvesting your own tea garden, to restoring curbside furniture into timeless accent pieces and everything in between ! Visit us daily and remember simply fabulous living is about to get fabulously simple !  ♥

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