What's In My Closet : The September Edition

For those of you who know me personally, you will know that this is hands down my favorite time of the year . Not only are we about to break into all my favorite holidays and lots of delicious baked goodness, but it is the return of tights season !! I live in tights, so when it is a sticky ninety something degrees outside and my poor little pale legs are forced out of hiding, I am a sad, sad girl.

It seems to be the kinds of things I enjoy most in life  ( coffee and hot chocolate, baking , chunky scarves, tights... you see where this is going ) do not really lend themselves to a summery atmosphere. And so , I hate to be the one to say it , but goodbye summer and hello fall !!

Stay tuned as the cool air also begins crafting season for myself, as I will be getting into DIY housewares in a big way ! That's all for now lovelies .. xx.

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September Obsessions

Dorothy Perkins red floral dress / Wolford tight / Topshop laced shoes / Topshop tan purse / Rick Owens cotton scarve