Eco Summer Essentials

Eco Summer Essentials


There is one thing I must address, dear reader, so that you may be warned up front: I AM A COMPLETE LIST JUNKIE. There, it’s out there and I feel better already. I make grocery lists, music- I -need-to own -list (daily publication), to do lists, Places-I- wanna-go-lists..well you get my point. If it weren’t for tiny scraps of paper (yes, I know paper, but I'm an old fashioned kinda gal) and whatever writing implement is closest to me when inspiration strikes, I would pretty much wander around in a haze most of the day whilst nothing was ever accomplished (I now reserve my wander-in-a-haze time for the ten minutes it takes in the morning for my coffee to brew). Getting back to the matter at hand...ah yes, LISTS. We have compiled a list of our favorite summer picks from our favorite cruelty free, earth friendly, and ethical fashion and beauty brands. I am thrilled to present for your perusal, one of my favorite lists:



"Summertime and the living is easy... "couldn't sum up my summer wardrobe any better than with those lyrics. Airy dresses in adorable summer prints, or abstract tribal designs are what my summer days are made of. Our favorite pick for summer dress is this amazing Komodo Flo Tribal Print Dress available in either grey or pink based prints. The dress is not only Fair Trade, but also eco friendly and made from 100% rayon, a natural material from sustainable tree cellulose.

Komodo dress

The beach has got to be one of my favorite places to be, despite my alarmingly pale skin .I love the sounds, the bright sights and of course, the awesome tussled texture the saltwater gives to my hair! Nothing epitomizes beach side glamour than a classic one piece halter suit. This Kelly B Aqua Blue Organic Cotton Halter Swimsuit has such a kittenish feel with the halter tie and bright aqua shade, yet the sophistication that comes with the classic silhouette. We chose this swimsuit as our summer pick because it is made with organic cotton and sustainable bamboo .This piece, as well as many more great pieces can be found at



Although I definitely try to pack light for the summer, it seems as though my bags just keep getting bigger and bigger. I like to call this ' The Mary Poppins Effect '. It has also manifested in my outerwear selection these days, but that's another post for another day. Between my summer reading, beach towel, sunscreen, headphones, sandals and room for water and some fruit, I end up basically carrying around small luggage with me. That being said, my pick for a summer tote is this Woven Rattan Beaded Tote from Fair Indigo . It's roomy,gorgeous and ethically made. Fair Indigo , a California based company uses both fair trade practices and organic materials.


Shoe selection is always a big process for me .There is a trifecta of standards that I hold them to . In the warmer weather I need a shoe that is cooling, comfortable and cute. Now, I love sandals as much as the next girl, but if I'm going to be walking through the city, the last thing I want is open toes. That's where the woven shoes design save the day for me . Our pick for summer are these Komodo Fair Trade Bali Hai Krowang Pumps Shoes. This company practices sustainability by using recycled tires for the soles of their shoes, and items are handmade using ethical business practices.

Komodo pumps


There has got to be nothing worse in the summer than getting to the beach and realizing you've fogot  your sunglasses. I can't recally how many times I've had to spend the day looking at the sights through the tiny squints in my eyes , until finally resigning and buying a pair at the concession stand for three times the price and emblazoned with some huge neon logo. Not a good look for me. I tend to favor the over sized,vintage, golden girls-esque style, with just a dash of grunge, which is why I am seriously coveting this pair from KAYU. These Rawa Bamboo Sunglasses are 100 % UV gradient lenses inset in a beautiful bamboo frame. All of Kayu's  pieces are handmade using natural materials and ethical manufacturing processes.


Our natural, cruelty free picks for summer health & beauty

Caswell Massey Lucky Tiger Vetiver Deodorant & Body Spray
Non aerosol, botanical, and not tested on animals . 

Kiss My Face Natural Mineral Sunscreen
All natural ingredients that are not tested on animals .

Roger & Gallet Cedrat Fragrant Water
Citron, grapefruit, basil and white amber natural botanics and cruelty free.

Badger Balm Organic Insect Repellent
USDA Certified Organic , and cruelty free.

Paul Mitchell Lavender & Mint Shampoo
Natural ingredients and free from animal testing.

We hope you found this list handy and are just as amped about summer as we are. Check back as we delve into more natural, cruelty free options in the world of beauty, fashion and food. Also, we love discovering new brands that promote an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. If you have suggestions, or ideas, make sure to get in touch with us or leave a comment. ❤

♪ I want to ride my bicycle ♫

It's no secret that  I am a bit bicycle obsessed , and the older the better . In fact, if I didnt think it would draw so much attention , I would be the first in line for a really, I'm not kidding. That much being said, there are times when I completely zone out and pore over all of the beatiful bicycle blogs that are out there .

Now, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that author Steven ray has managed to consolidate the bicycling blog ( Rides a Bike ) into a gorgeous coffee table book available from Angel City Press.  Elvis, James Stewart, Brigitte and Bogart are among the many iconic starts featured having a go at these amazing bicycles . Goes to prove how classic the bike truly is.

Jewelry Launch on Etsy !

Today marked the opening of our Etsy jewelry mart ! All pieces are hand made and are soon to be joined by more fun accessories , bags, vintage housewares and the like ! Head on over this week for a 15% discount using the code grandopening on Etsy !

Check out the shop , and let us know what you think .. 

Built to Last

This weekend I was lucky enough to stumble across a clip for the documentary O'Mast by Gianluca Migliarotti, which highlighted a group of Neoplolitan tailors and the story of their trade. Watching the footage of these craftsman , I couldn't help but hope that somehow we could go back in time to when society had craftsman for every product and trade.

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I  believe that we are starting to see the deficit caused  by replacing quality with convenience as we see an emerging culture of young artisans emerging into the mainstream.

In the meantime, take a look at the link below and tell me what you think. Will we see a resurgence of  artisan appreciation in consumers in the near future ? Also, check back tomorrow for a special on artisanal foods ..with pics ! xo

O'MAST from Kid Dandy on Vimeo.

Simply Living Simple

Welcome to Whippersnapper ! We created this blog in the hopes of providing tips on simplifying your life, without compromising the fabulous. Leonardo DaVinci stated that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and he was a genius so he must have been on to something, right? Right.

Creating a simply fabulous simple life is much easier than you think, and ultimately brimming with rewards. For example, by starting a small garden you can monitor your own food source and create fantastically fresh meals for next to nothing, even if its just a small window sill herb garden.

Lately buzzwords like "Sustainable Fashion" and "Thriftonista" have been working their way into glossy fashion mags and there is a good reason for that.  With the pace of life being as it is ,we tend to go through our wardrobes as if they are disposable leaving a dent in our wallets as well as creating extra waste. Here we will providing tips for hunting down amazing thrifted goods to get a million dollar look for under ten bucks , as well as tricks to style and care for your wardrobe to give it a long life without looking like last seasons leftovers.

We look forward to creating a community and place for your to learn and share tips from harvesting your own tea garden, to restoring curbside furniture into timeless accent pieces and everything in between ! Visit us daily and remember simply fabulous living is about to get fabulously simple !  ♥